Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Atheydon's Sword Part 1

Wretched past, how i forget you and let me be, I feel only shame that I did not see anything sooner. On a dirt road heading north of Egypt I follow this road to not another destination but a gateway. Whatever this road may lead to will lead me to my future, and maybe the rest of my life. Following the long road I meet a traveling merchant. As i pass the merchant he lays a hand on my shoulder "Do not be weary of the days to come" I turn around and look into his soulless eyes, the eyes of a man who no longer had a grasp of reality. The man that was standing before me was nothing but a shell that sits there while the world before him continues on. He is no more alive than the dead he walks among.

Hours pass among the dirt road and no sign of life catches my eyes. I look forward past the smothering heat and notice the shape of building ahead. I knew at this moment i arrived at the gateway, now it is my time to walk through the gates. I make my way further down the road and the buildings clear out to be a small town next to the shore. Among the perspiring heat i would've never noticed I was so close to the ocean. I knew immediately that I had to continue my journey by boat so I immediately sought refuge.

An old family inn catches my eye and I head inside, Among my entry I notice the room inside was small. There was a man and his wife standing at the other side of the Inn with ragged brown clothes tied around their chests and there was a little boy playing with wooden boats at the corner of the room. I look around and notice there was only two other men at a table to the left of me taking a drink of water glancing at me from the corner of their eyes talking in whispers. The man and the woman come closer to me and greet me. "Hello, Traveler! Would you like a room for the night?" The Man said delightfully. The Woman next to him Stands there and continues to smile not as enthusiastically but a smile worth it enough to be welcomed. I lift my head up and untie my hair, my blonde hair travels down my neck barely reaching my shoulders. My eyes blue as the sea gaze at the man as his dark brown eyes reflect them back at me. "Yes, I would take a room for the night" I said, smiling back at the two. "Do you happen to know where I can also fetch a boat to cross the Mediterranean?" The man and the woman stop smiling I glance over to the two men who stopped secretly glancing at me and are now just completely staring at me. "I'm sorry" said the man. "There is nobody rich enough to sustain a port in this town." he continued. I look out the window behind me and towards the shore. He was right, there was no sign of any attempt to construct anything along the shore and there wasn't even any residences that are built close enough to the shore. This town is just not empty, it's also a dump.

I sit down at a nearby table at the inn and order myself some food. The men who were staring at me are still suspiciously glancing their way over here. The one man at the table starts talking to the one across while staring at me. His black hair was all brushed up and the man had a severe tan on his face like he is out in the sun all day. The man didn't look to friendly at all either the man stares at me like I don't belong here and the man is also rather tall and well maintained in body structure. The host puts my food down at the table and I look up to the host at the table. "Who is that man?" I ask him. The host looks at the man with the black hair at the table " That's Canopus Darwishi, he is the local carpenter in town, he doesn't like being asked to do anything with the ocean so please don't ask him about the boat." I look back at him, What a stubborn man he seems to be, he is a carpenter but doesn't like to work on the ocean? That seems rather strange for a carpenter. Based on my knowledge Carpenter's have the passion for building structures and working on something until it's complete and afterwards they can sit there and look at it and admire what they have done. This man didn't seem like he admired his work, it seems he resents it even more.

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